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NCS principle fields of business are as follows:

  • Ship management;

  • Operations;

  • Contract negotiations, sale, and purchase agreements, MOA's, new build contracts, shipyard contracts (for new buildings and repairs);

  • General cost control, disbursement accounts, hire invoices and hire payments, checking of deductions and basic accounting both shore side and on the vessels;

  • Finance loan agreements as well as contact with financial institutions;

  • Setting up of ship Owning companies in various jurisdictions;

  • Post fixture support/handling;

  • Claims handling (P&I / H&M) Marine insurance;

  • Insurance contracts both P&I and H&M;

  • Special insurance cover (for war risk area or special/dangerous cargoes),

  • Negotiation of C/P contracts both time and voyage charters including brokering and trading either in the first person or via a range of first-class brokering contacts depending on clients needs.;

  • Bunkering;

  • Crew management;

  • Registration and deletions with different flag administrations including Dutch, Italian, Belize, Panama, Malta and St Vincent and Grenadines;

  • Communications packages (Inmarsat packages) with VSAT, Infinity and other services providers;

  • Full paper / electronic chart (ECDIS) management software, complete paper chart / publications management;

  • ECDIS training type-specific on board (Transas / SAM / eglobe)*;

  • ECDIS full ISM auditing via Instructor*.

* these are tailor-made courses based on Owners' needs from basic training to full integration of ECDIS from zero.

NCS is keen to use the experience gained over many years of work in the maritime industry to the advantage of its clients. We can handle in first person all aspects of ship management and provide a complete package of services in order to optimise the running of vessels. We aim to partner our clients in the search of the best solutions for them on a case by case basis and can be flexible in how these goals are achieved. We take this responsibility seriously and aim to project a confident well-organised company that works in close contacts with Owners/clients in order to make sure that their specific needs are met and all requests adhered to.

NCS has an extensive knowledge of maritime law and conditions of carriage applied to maritime claims which we can deal with for Owners and provide a link between them and the insurance clubs to handle and move forward any claims that they have or that parties may have against the Owners. NCS has gained significant experience in the marine claims handling process and their principals have been involved in major claims as far-ranging and diversified as vessel total loss, stowaways, crew illness/death and repatriation, collisions and

General Average. On top of this they are very well versed in the more usual cargo claims (shortage and damage) and vessel damage claims (contact collisions with fixed or floating objects).

NCS experience spans a wide range of vessel types from general cargo, multipurpose, Ro Ro cargo, bulk carriers, container and heavy lift vessels with dead weights ranging from 9000 to 35000 mts.

NCS is also able to arrange pre-loading surveys, cargo discharge surveys and appointment of surveyors including contact with masters for B/L’s (Bills of Ladings) clausing, mates receipt issues and any cargo related queries or problems before during and after shipment. This can be done via our own contacts or together via Owners / contacts P&I club.

NCS is also able to maintain contact with charterers, agents, port authorities and other third parties as well as interacting on a daily basis with the managed vessels or as required.

With a strong focus and commitment to our clients we aim to partner them ahead for the future assisting them in strategic decisions and giving value added services whilst always being contactable on a 24/7 basis as shipping demands for any matters big or small.

NCS would be happy to discuss your needs in person and provide a tailor-made solution fit for your business based on our values of quality service honesty and integrity.

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