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Nawgan Consulting Services s.n.c. (NCS) is a company based in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland close to the main shipping centre of Lugano. NCS aims to provide maritime-related advice, consultation, and services to Owners / managers and other related groups within the maritime industry. 

NCS is a bespoke maritime company and draws on the experience of one of its principals who has been present on the maritime stage for more than two decades. During this time a profound knowledge and know how has been acquired on how to run ships of all kinds and provide them with the services they need to be competitive and streamlined in order to provide the maximum return for their Owners.

Having had the possibility and opportunity during this time to deal with various service suppliers in a range of sectors we are therefore in a privileged unique position to recommend such suppliers from first-hand direct experience. In many years of operations and vessel management, we have been able to choose these suppliers and services and make direct comparisons with similar services available on the market, thus ensuring that in our fields of responsibility the very best people are selected as service providers.

NCS uses industry standards and best management practices and is able to operate in a range of circumstances and deal with all matters and issues that can affect ships and ship Owners. Having a profound understanding of shipping at its core and its ancillary markets we are able to provide precise information on all suppliers and use them at the very best of their capacity to consolidate costs and provide top quality service to our principles.

Being a small company we aim to provide bespoke tailor-made services to our clients who benefit from a personal service whilst using the extensive contacts of NCS to their advantage.

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